Sports Wellness for Runners: Injury and Prevention

Hey Ron, 

I just wanted to follow up per you're request.  Re:Our Discussion today.

In reveiw I have found that an overall integrated system of approach has worked best when working with runners or triathletes to expedite recovery as well as preventing of running or overuse injuries. Even in cases of acute injuries such as twisited ankles. I find that at least initially, most runners attempt to train through injuries or just rest them which I have not found very effective. In fact statistics indicate that over 80% of runners have some sort of injury.

I feel that if we could just get runners or triathletes introduced to the system of injury prevention or injury rebabilitation that I use with my client's we could get a whole bunch more

running faster and healthier rather running injured.  One of the most important aspects we start with in my approach is reducing identifying areas of regidity in the body and restoring

functional "tensegrity".  Usually the accumulative effects of rigidity start to take their toll in the mid to late 20's unless the athlete or performer already had a preventative mangement program to prevent the excess tension or rigidity from buuilding up.

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I encourage them to direct thier attention to the principle of "tensegrity"  which is the single most important to understand in enhancing performance a injury resolution as well as performance.

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See you on the road...Dr. Wells