10 Video Game WORLD RECORDS Set by Youtubers

10 Video Game WORLD RECORDS Set by Youtubers


It’S no secret that gaming youtubers tend to spend way more time gaming than the average person who just plays video games as a hobby, But given how much youtubers well, how much time they spend on gaming, it’s only natural that they end up setting some in pretty Insane Records in the process, What is up guys, Jimmy or chaos, Welcome to chaos top 10s today, we’re gon na be checking out 10 video game world records that are held by actual youtubers and a couple streamers as Well. So if you hold any type of record in the video game world, let me know in the comment section now: Let’s get started, I’m running a huge fortnight, 15,000 B, bucks giveaway the entire month. All you have to do to enter is like this video be subscribed to the channel turn on your Notifications and leave me a comment why you want to win with your Twitter handle attached. The winner will be picked at the end of the month.

Let’S kick this list off with the fastest score in Tetris; Well, actually, the fastest 300,000 score in Tetris. Now this record actually has a pretty funny story behind it. So the record for the fastest time to get to 300,000 score in Tetris.

It was sent by Jonah’s neighbor, better known as nubbins goodie, But he wasn’t actually going for this record at the time when he was streaming on Twitch. He was actually going for the record for the fastest time to complete 100 lines, But in the process he accidentally got the world record for the fastest 300k time and he didn’t even notice until his chat actually pointed it out. Imagine being so focused and so good at a game that you actually break a world record on accident.

I can’t imagine breaking a world record period, let alone doing it without even really trying to do it. Oh, What Let’s go And number nine the longest unstaged sniper shot in battlefield 4. Now We have a world record from a smaller youtuber known as biggie One, two nine three Biggie has been slowing down their uploads recently, but in their prime in their heyday.

They were uploading tons of awesome, battlefield, videos and sniper shots, But this one this one has to be the best while playing battlefield 4 big E, 1, 2, 9, 3 managed to land a headshot. Are you ready for this from 3281 meters away giving them the world record for the longest Unstaged headshot with a sniper rifle and I say, unstaged, because there have been longer shots, But they were actually set up with teammates now, hopefully, Big E starts uploading again, once Battlefield 5 comes out because the moments like these are why people love the battlefield series and I honestly Don’t see this record ever being beat Adam rate, the fastest event mode.

Completion in super smash, bros, Melee fuzziness is known in the super smash bros community as both a competitive player and a speed runner, and this speedrun is Definitely his best. So far Now fuzzy has set multiple world records throughout his career. In this attempt of completing all the melee event, matches was actually breaking his own Record that he had set the year prior. For those that know, no melee has 51 event matches which were basically just challenge maps where you had to beat CPUs with really really weird handicaps of a which were ridiculously hard, and on October 24th, 2017 fuzzyness managed to beat all 51 event matches in only 33 Minutes in forty seconds, with an in-game time of 23 minutes and 12 seconds, which is Absolutely insane and that record may hold for a while. Let’S go: That’s a real world record right there, let’s fucking At number 7, We have the most alternative control methods in Dark Souls.

This is a record that you’ve probably seen around the internet as it was a meme for a while in the gaming community.

This former Dark Souls youtuber and twitch streamer known as beers Lee Decided to go out and try to beat the PC version of Dark Souls in its entirety, with the most alternative Controllers and by the time he finished the game, He had used nine different controllers. So you may ask: what did he use and just to say up front Dark Souls is ridiculously hard anyway And to do it this way, I just I don’t know why people would punish themselves, but beers Lee did it. He used a rock band drum kit, a rock band guitar, a dance, dance, revelution mat, some donkey, konga bongos, a microphone, a steering wheel, a Wii, Remote, a rock band piano and and finally, an Xbox 360 controller.

Now tons of people can’t even beat dark souls on their own, with just One good, solid, regular, conventional Controller, and this guy managed to do it with all of this stuff.

When I first found out that I’d be receiving a record, I was pretty blown away. I had to check the email headers to make sure I wasn’t being fooled by somebody, but really quite amazing, Number six. The most kills in a solo game in h1z1. Here’S a face You guys may be a little more familiar with while ninja is known today for his fortnight streams and his YouTube videos.

He has been grinding for years and years on different games, mainly halo and h1z1.

During the peak of h1z1 popularity. Ninja was one of the best players in the world and on February of 2017, he managed to set a world record for the most kills in a solo game as he managed to win the match with 38 kills, and I wonder if h1z1 will ever once again Reach the popularity it used to have it is coming to console, and what we’ll see do you guys think that the upcoming ps4 port will breathe new life into it? Or Do you think this battle royale is beyond saving regardless 38 solo kills is crazy.

Cracking into the top five the longest individual win streak in eSports.

It’S definitely hard to stay on top of any eSports for a long long time, and the meta game is always Changing in every game you play and I’ve insane respect for those who are able to keep their game polished and current for a long Period of time. But I don’t know if anyone will ever be able to beat this record. The now-retired Super Smash bro Pro known as zero managed to pull off a 56 tournament win streak, giving him the world record for the longest winning streak in eSports history for a single player.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the longest eSports winning streak ever as that title goes to the team in IP Which actually pulled off in 87 win streak with their csgo team, But as far as individual players go, zero holds the record for 56 tournament. Wins in a row and smash 4 after retiring 0 went full-time with YouTube and twitch, and he currently has over 220 1000 subscribers at number.

Four, the fastest F & G time and call of duty, modern warfare. That’S right!

Well call of duty, 4, modern warfare. Now, I’m sure all you guys remember the F and G test from Cod 4. It was at the end of the tutorial level of the Campaign.

It was pretty easy to finish, but it was extremely hard to master Good luck, not feeling lame about your time after you watch this video on February 11 2017, the Speedrunner youtuber known as Klug Ler 28 uploaded a video of him beating the Call of Duty.

4. F and G tests in just 8 Eight five seconds, giving him obviously a world record. What is your I’ll tell you what in the comments section you? Let me know What is your best FNG time ever?

I’Ve seen fast scores, but I’ve never seen one this fast. I think my best was like 16 20, maybe even higher. I don’t even know 3 the hardest level ever in Super Mario maker.

You know you’re in for a treat when the Guinness World Records officially Recognizes something as the hardest ever and usually the difficulty of something is pretty subjective, But I’m not kidding when I say that this level is really really hard.

Super Mario maker was a level editor release for the Wii: U, in 2015, that allowed people to make their own levels in Mario and on November 3rd of 2015, a youtuber by the name of Pangaea panga managed to make a level that was so insanely hard that Guinness officially recognized it as the Hardest level ever made in Super Mario. At the time of the official record, The level had been attempted over 4.8 million times and had only been completed 367 times, giving it a completion rate of 0.007 6-3 6 %. This thing is insane: I can try this my entire life and never complete it.

Oh my god, we did it. Oh My god At number, two, the most kills in a solo versus squad game of pub G. Pub G is known for being the slower, more methodical battle, royale game on the marketplace right now when compared to its competitors And that’s what makes this match So insanely impressive. On October 16, 2017 popular youtuber rip 1 1 3 Uploaded a video of him going into a game of squads on pub G with no teammates, and they ended up winning the match with 43 kills, which is the world record for solo squads in that game.

So, what’s the most kills that you’ve ever gotten yourself in pubs e, whether it’s a solo match or a solo squads? Is it anywhere close to 43 and Finally, at number one today How about the oldest gaming youtuber?

This record is pretty awesome And it just goes to show how much of a reach Gaming actually has. Surely curling is a very popular youtuber who has gained over two hundred eighty eight thousand subscribers and eight million total views After joining late 2011, despite the fact that she is 82 Years old, surely loves gaming, specifically fantasy RPGs, and she has since grown to a pretty Successful youtuber, Thanks to her videos on the Elder Scroll games now following her success, guinness officially recognized her as the oldest gaming youtuber in the world, which just goes to show people that Anybody can play and enjoy video games, and anybody can be a youtuber if they Really put their mind to it: hats off to shirley, curry, and There you have it my friends, Those are 10 video game, world records that are held by actual youtubers or twitch streamers, entertainers influencers. Whatever You want to call them, You guys, let me know: Do you actually ever have you ever held a world record?

Have you ever went after a video game world record? Let us know the story in the comment section, as always guys if you enjoyed the video drop a like on it.


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